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Lynne’s new title: Clearing the Path: On Death, Loss and Grief is now available via AMAZON. Go and get your free sample of the book.


This website is designed for:

  • people who are grieving for themselves or for loved ones
  • professionals who deal with loss, death and grieving in their field (physicians, nurses, psycho/social workers, volunteers, teachers, clergy)
  • lay people who seek advice on how to help relatives and friends
  • others who would like to know more about Lynne’s work and book
  • instructors and conference organizers who are interested in lectures, seminars, or workshops
  • anyone working through a loss who is seeking personal counseling

Contact Information

Clinic is in Karkur. Please call 054-315-8882 for a counseling appointment.

Fax: 972-4-627-1244

Frequently asked questions about grief counseling and Lynne’s work in the field

Information about
The Clearing the Path: On Death, Loss and Grief
The Weeping Willow: Encounters with Grief

Resume and biographical notes about Lynne Halamish

Lectures, Courses, Workshops, Small Intensives,  and Webinars.

May you be blessed with the blessing of Jonathan Swift:

“May you live every day of your life.”

Dealing with Loss, Grief, and Death

The short course.

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